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Lead time for other color Standard displays - 5-7 weeks     -     Lead time for Custom displays - About 3-4 Months
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Stunning Woodwork's martial arts display cases were the creation of an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.  After receiving his purple belt from Braulio Corral, Brent decided to combine his passion for woodworking and BJJ and created a way to display his accomplishments that honors the dedication one must have in order to grow in the sport.  Brent scoured the internet but could only find cheaply made, plastic looking displays that use straps and velcro to hold the belts in place.  Necessity is the mother of invention and these designs are no exception.  If you are looking for an extremely high quality display case that will last a lifetime then you have come to the right place!  We make 5 belt display cases for BJJ and Judo practitioners and 10 belt display cases for the folks training in karate and tae kwon do.  We can also make custom size belt display cases if needed.  All cases are wall mountable.

How do I place an order for a custom item?
Call or email us to discuss what you are looking for. You will need to provide your shipping address at this time.  Depending on the project we will provide a budget price or a true selling price. If needed, we will then provide detailed drawings of your project to make sure our vision matches yours. We will work out all the details and then provide a final selling price. When your order is the next on the schedule we will bill you through Paypal for 50% of the total price. This downpayment secures your spot on the schedule and material will be purchased for your project. When the project is nearing completion we will send you a final bill for the remaining balance. 

​Shipping costs are for the Lower 48 states.  

* ​All Elite and Advanced models shipped will have plexiglass  *  Locally delivered Elite models can have real glass if you prefer * Belts Not Included  * Design elements and color finishes may differ slightly from photos and may change over time * Every piece of wood accepts stain differently which leads to inherent differences in final appearance *

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This fully completed "Elite" Model is made from Cherry wood and has been finished with a penetrating dye to reveal the natural grain of cherry.  

Every case is hand cut, fit, and finished

Door Stiles and Rails are 2-1/2" Wide

Full overlay cabinet doors

True cabinet door "cope & stick" joinery for strength and rigidity

Face Frame construction for stability

Euro face frame adjustable hidden hinges
custom size belt display case martial arts
This is a custom sized "Elite" Model for a customer who's martial art awards 6 belts. Shown here in standard poplar wood with custom finish.  WHAT SIZE DO YOU NEED???(Sword and sword holder not included)
*Shown here in Espresso*
Custom Wood Species "Elite Model" Display Cases 
Choose Your Wood Species and Choose Your Color/Finish
Custom Size 6 Belt "Elite Model"
Shown here in Poplar Wood with a Custom Stain Finish - $TBD
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Custom Martial Arts Display Cases

We offer our same great cases in custom wood species and sizes.  We are only showing some examples of our custom work on this page.  Tell us what you want and we will provide you a price.

If our standard options of wood species, color selection or size of displays does not meet your desires, we have the ability to custom build nearly any display you can imagine.  Let us know what you want and we can likely build it.  Just pick your species and your color.  You will find examples of our custom work below, but you are not limited to these options.  

Want a different species?  How about Oak, Maple, Mahogany or Walnut?

Does your martial art have 6 belts? or 20 belts?  We can build a case to meet your needs.

Want to display your favorite gi, trophy, or medals?  Let us know!

Displays are designed for belts up to 1-3/4" wide.  Custom belt sizing is available.
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Custom Colors Choices
 Please Please visit these links to view the Custom Color Choices  
Custom Stain Choices
Custom Paint Choices

Each custom cases is priced with a custom color charge already included.  Simply pick your wood species and pick your color.
Color Samples
Custom Wood Species "Premium Model" Display Case
Shown here in Cherry wood with a custom dye finish
This "Premium" Model is made from Cherry wood and has been finished with a penetrating dye to reveal the natural grain of cherry.  

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Call Brent to Order!
Call Brent to Order!
Call Brent to Order!
custom bjj belt display case
custom brazilian jiu jitsu display case
What are people saying about our work?
​ "I cannot thank you enough for not only making it, but keeping in touch with me throughout the process. I cannot wait for Saturday! Thank you for making his black belt even more special for us both. I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.  You have my deepest appreciation"  -  Tara - North Carolina

"The cabinet arrived today and it is spectacular!! Jay is going to love this so much, I can't wait until Christmas Day for him to see it. If he wasn't inspired now to ace that black belt test, this will certainly do the trick. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Thank you again!!"   -   Jan - Minnesota
This ready to stain "Elite" Model is made from Maple Wood.  Maple features creamy colors with a smooth even grain pattern and is enhanced with light to medium stain colors

This "Elite" Model is made from Walnut Wood.  Walnut is a beautiful wood that can stand alone without additional stain color.  It has long been a traditional wood used in very high end furniture and cabinetry because of it's distinct color, grain pattern, and durability.  It has been finished with a slightly toned top coat t
o allow Walnut's natural beauty to be the center focus.  Black Walnut Wood can be finished in your choice of stain color.

custom belt display
custom karate belt display
This ready to stain "Elite" Model is made from Oak Wood.  Oak features a traditional bold open grain look that looks great in almost any stain color.
custom tae kwon do belt display
This ready to stain "Elite" Model is made from Cherry Wood.  Cherry is one of my personal favorite wood species.  It features a distinct reddish-brown color.  It looks great in medium to dark stain colors that allow the red undertones to peek through.  Cherry wood actual darkens over time through a natural aging process.  It also smells great when cutting it and the wood chips really enhance the flavor of a steak when grilling.
****Ready to stain models are shown in a partially assembled state without plexiglass and rope moulding.
To ensure a great finish, these items are added after the displays are stained and finished.****