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Lead time for other color Standard displays - 5-7 weeks     -     Lead time for Custom displays - About 3-4 Months
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Buying from Stunning Woodwork means you get exactly what you want and it will be a piece of art that is built to last from generation to generation.  Every custom piece of luxury furniture or woodwork is built with great pride.  We specialize in cabinetry, bedroom furniture, beds, dressers, columns, tables, display cases and more.  Thanks for looking and we look forward to building your dreams.

Q: How do I place an order for a standard model martial arts display case?
A: Click on the link to go to our online store.  Follow the links to find the display you want and use PayPal to checkout.  We will process your order and notify you of the expected shipping timeline.  Typical lead time for standard items is 1 month.  After your order is packaged you will receive an email with a UPS tracking number.

Q:  How do I place an order for a custom item?
A:  Call or email us to discuss what you are looking for.  Depending on the project we will provide a budget price or  a true selling price.  If needed, we will then provide detailed drawings of your project to make sure our vision matches yours.  We will work out all the details and then provide a final selling price.  When your order is the next on the schedule we will bill you through Paypal for 50% of the total price.  This downpayment secures your spot on the schedule and material will be purchased for you project.  When the project is nearing completion we will send you a final bill for the remaining balance. 

Q: Shipping seems expensive, why does it cost so much?
A:  Shipping is based on the average cost to ship from Indiana throughout the lower 48 states.  This is the actual average cost from UPS.  It is simply calculated based on size and weight.  These cases are big, so the the box is big, so the shipping is pretty expensive.  I wish there was a more cost effective alternative.  Feel free to gripe about shipping costs with anyone you know who works at UPS, FedEx, etc...

Q: Do you have quantity discount?
A:  Yes, there are quantity discounts for the cost of the display and possibly the cost of shipping.  Please call us to inquire.

Q:  Why buy custom furniture?
A:  You get exactly what you want!  You don't have to settle for something that is close to what you REALLY want.  You can have the exact mouldings you want, the exact size you want, the exact look you want, the exact function you want!  Why pay a lot of money for a piece of furniture that isn't exactly what you want???​

Q: Isn't custom furniture expensive?
A: It likely will cost more than standard every day furniture, but surprisingly not a lot more.  Stunning Woodwork will never be able to compete with mass producers using mdf, veneers, and scant materials and loose tolerances.  
Remember, you are getting what you want, not what someone else has built hoping you will like it.  This method costs more to produce a final product because machines have to be setup to run each part just for your custom made product.  That setup time adds to the cost.  

Q:  How does the quality compare to store bought furniture?
A:  We tend to overbuild the project and refuse to cut corners and our prices reflect this fact.  We will not reduce the quality of material or alter our fastening methods to lower our prices. We take great pride in our work and we will only produce things the right way.

*We use solid wood (not plywood) everywhere except cabinet boxes. This gives the pieces greater durability and a better appearance down the road.  Cabinet panels, drawer heads, and table tops can be plywood or solid wood depending on your preference.
*We use 3/4" plywood for cabinet boxes, not 3/8" or 1/2" mdf or plywood.
*We use 1/2" 7 ply plywood for drawer bottoms, not 1/4" mdf or plywood.
*Fasteners are hidden as much as possible so your item doesn't have nail hole putty visually ruining your custom furniture.
*We don't hide edges behind veneers.  You will only find solid wood in these areas.
*We use blum soft/self closing undermount hidden drawer glides whenever possible.

Q:  What wood species are available?
A:  What species would you like?  Pine, Red Oak, Poplar and Maple are readily available.  Cherry, Walnut, Hickory as well as imported exotic species are also available.  Tell us your preference and we will source the wood required to build exactly what you want.  Painted projects are typically made from Poplar.  Stained projects can be made from whatever species you prefer based on the characteristics of the grain.  Most stained projects are made from Poplar, Maple and Oak.  Species selection should be based on the look of the grain and the final color you are wanting.  Maple stains well with light finishes, but dark finishes are difficult to achieve and add to the cost.  Red oak stains best in medium finishes but dark finishes can be difficult and more costly.  Poplar is best stained in medium to dark finishes but light finishes should be avoided due to color variation in the wood.  

Q:  Will you build things not shown on your website?
A:  Absolutely!  That is what Stunning Woodwork was created to do.  There are many projects we have built but simply don't show on our website.  We will take the time to understand what you are looking for, who will use it, why you want it, what you hope it can do, and the color you are wanting to achieve and give you our input on how to tie it all together.  After that process is complete, we will determine the materails and labor needed and give you an accurate price.  Once that price is agreed upon we can begin construction.  If we miscalculated or miscut material, it's on us.  The price we agreed on is the price you will pay.

Q:  Is there anything you can't build?
A:  Yes, There are certain things we don't have the right tools to build.  In these cases, we will not take on your project.  We will never build something that we can't be 100% proud of.    

Q:  How long does it take to receive my custom item?
A:  That depends on what you order and how many orders we have in front of yours.  We are an extremely small shop which allows us to control the quality of craftsmanship so projects tend to take a little longer.  Exotic wood species will take us longer to get and often times we have to mill our own trim when using these species.  Stained projects take longer than painted projects. Typical lead time is 10-12 weeks.

Q:  Do you stock any products?
A:  At this time we do not stock any products.  Agian, we are typically building you a 100% custom piece based on your desires.  Basic building materials are in stock so we can begin production quickly.  Specialty mouldings and hardware are ordered specifically for your job.  We will likely stock a limited amount of our martial arts display cases during the Christmas gift giving season.

Q:  What form of payments do you accept?
A:  We accept credit cards through paypal.  We also accept checks, but they must clear before production begins. 

Q:  Do you require a downpayment?
A:  Yes, a minimum deposit of 50% is required for any custom work.  
What are people saying about our work?
"The cabinet arrived today and it is spectacular!! Jay is going to love this so much, I can't wait until Christmas Day for him to see it. If he wasn't inspired now to ace that black belt test, this will certainly do the trick. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Thank you again!!"       Jan C.   Minnesota
Call Brent to Order!
We offer bjj belt display cases

We offer jiu jitsu belt display cases

We offer judo belt display cases

We offer karate belt display cases

We offer tae kwon do belt display cases

We offer custom martial arts display cases
​Buying from Stunning Woodwork means you get exactly what you want and it will be a piece of art that is built to last from generation to generation. Every custom piece of luxury furniture or woodwork is built with great pride. We specialize in cabinetry, bedroom furniture, beds, dressers, columns, tables, display cases and more. Our best selling product is our martial arts belt display cases.  These handmade Jiu Jitsu belt display cases, Karate belt display cases, Judo belt display cases and Tae Kwon Do belt display cases make great gifts for the martial arts lover in your family!  They are truly a one of a kind creation from a martial artist for martial artists. Thanks for looking and we look forward to building your dreams.